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The home of North meets South.  Herbal Traditions from Europe, UK and NZ. Brought together in perfect unison to compliment each other and work together for the good of ALL.

The best herbal remedies we can bring to YOU

Natural Remedies For Your Daily Life

Each of the Herbal Remedies we produce are made with love, honour and respect for the plants that give themselves to the betterment of your life.  

Herbal Medicines

We only use the BEST ingredients, some of which are grown here in Southland New Zealand

Tinctures and Extracts

Made using the best Vodka/Apple Cider Vinegar that we can find as the preservatives.  Our herbs are as fresh as the day they were picked.


The feel of our Oils as they glide onto your skin are superb in every aspect.  Our herbs are the best that we can either grow or find.  ALL designed to ensure that you only receive the best that we can offer.

Herbal Teas

Each Herbal Tea that we blend, we do so with love.  Each tea blend is specific to our own unique recipes handed down over generations according to UK and European Traditions,

Our NZ Native Herbal Teas, each, when the plant is harvested, have their own Karakias sung to them, giving thanks for their generosity, respecting them with Honour, Trust and Love.  If any of the plants do not wish to be harvested, then they are not harvested until we have their Spiritual Agreement!

What our customers are saying

I suffered from Anxiety and didn't want to be hooked on prescription medicines.  I spoke with Kaz, and after a lengthy consultation, she prepared a herbal tea for me, that she called simply "Bryans Tea".  This tea, alleviates my anxiety, I sleep better, I can function without panic attacks during the day as well.

Bryan - Southland NZ